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These are the pros and cons of electric vehicles

- 8/15/2019 12:16:00 PM

According to current data and statistics, there is an increase in the demand for electric cars around the world, and there are many international companies advocate the use of environmentally friendly cars.

Here are its advantages and disadvantages - according to INSEED.If you're considering buying an electric car,

First, the advantages of an electric car:

- Electric vehicles are characterized by the fact that they do not emit harmful emissions to the environment, so they are environmentally friendly.

- Electric cars are very economical, they save you a lot of costs.

- Powered by rechargeable batteries to store energy in electric vehicles.

- The electric car engines have strong torque, in addition to soft and quiet acceleration.

Second, the disadvantages of electric vehicles:

- It is necessary to determine the distance before starting, because electric cars travel short distances ranging from 100 to 160 km only.

- Electric cars need a long time to charge the battery.

- The lack of battery chargers, due to the multiple designs of their chargers.


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