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Learn about the benefits of connecting Audi to its cars with traffic lights

- 5/19/2019 05:15:00 AM

German company Audi plans to link its new cars to traffic lights in the German city of Ingolstadt and is also considering launching the service in several European cities by 2020.

The purpose of this service is to improve the speed of the drivers to reach the next green traffic signal in a timely manner, taking into account the maximum speed, allowing to exceed the maximum number of signals before closing.

Audi has been providing service in Los Angeles, Washington, New York and Las Vegas since 2017, with about 1,000 traffic signal traffic intersections.

The German company said that the provision of service in Germany was more difficult; because of the decentralization of the infrastructure of traffic lights in the country.

Connecting new cars with traffic lights will help ease city traffic and make driving easier in the long term.



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