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Aston Martin liberates 25 copies of James Bond with "Gold Finger"

- 5/19/2019 05:07:00 AM

Source : Motor1

Aston Martin has come close to completing the classic DB5, used in the James Bond film "The Gold Finger," according to the Daily Mail.

A subsidiary of Aston Martin announced in August that it had decided to manufacture a new Goldfinger DB5, equipped with tools from James Bond's 1964 classic film.

The cost of each of the 25 classic versions will be around £ 3.3 million, including taxes, and will be available to customers early in 2020.

Aston Martin confirmed that the "DB5" featured in the "Gold Finger" will include all types of equipment provided by the fictional "Q" branch, such as the rear bumper bulletproof, the folding front screen and the oil delivery system.



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