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Fiery motorcycle with a "half" Lamborghini car

- 4/19/2019 03:29:00 PM

An American company has introduced a motorcycle with a different modern design that keeps pace with the trend of some companies to combine motorcycles and cars.

BOSS HOUSE, a US company specialized in the manufacture of large motorbikes with a strong engine that was founded in 1990, designed a bicycle with the rear of the Italian Lamborghini Aventador, according to the site of "Ride Bart" car.

The Lamborghini background gave an elegant and poignant view of Boss Hoss Lamborghini.

The American-Italian pulsed engine comes with a 6.2-liter 8-cylinder engine.

The strength of the bike is 445 hp, which is superior to many of the modern sports cars.

 Bous Mania has not yet disclosed the price of the bike or is available for sale.



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