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After the Volvo experience, Tesla puts cameras in her cars for surveillance

- 4/08/2019 12:27:00 PM

 Tesla has announced its intention to install surveillance cameras for its electric vehicles from the inside, to monitor cars, according to the site "the verge".

Prior to the announcement, Volvo Sweden had unveiled cameras inside its cars in its next models to monitor and evaluate the responsiveness of drivers. Self-safety systems could intervene when the driver was not aware.

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Tesla confirmed that the cameras will be unique and different from the other cameras in Volvo, and will test the readiness of cars to use as self-driving taxis.

Tesla aims to enter into cooperation with Uber and Lyft Mobility Services in order to exploit these companies for their cars in future self-driving taxi services.

The company has succeeded in raising the level of intelligence of its self-driving system, which has been able to overcome and penetrate the ranks of cars in the cases of congestion and highways.



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