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Why Americans are afraid of self-driving cars ... and so are persuaded by the competent organizations

- 3/15/2019 04:51:00 PM

A statement from the American Automobile Association that 71% of Americans did not accept the idea of self-driving cars and the reason for lack of confidence, while the remaining 19% believe that self-driving cars are safe for their children, according to "Bloomberg."

 The results of the survey reflect the natural fear of self-driving cars, according to experts at the American Society, and the cause of the accident that resulted in the death of a person in the state of Arizona, after being hit by a self-driving vehicle from the company Ober.

"The Americans were not afraid because of the accident, but fear of the unknown, that is the psychological barrier," said Greg Branan, director of automotive engineering at the American Automobile Association.

The PAVE alliance embodies the goal of more than 20 companies and institutions - reducing all concerns that dominate people and self-driving cars - by making the consumers of this car, which will soon be a sensation, experience them on the ground with a sense of confidence in the car.

Since December, Waymo, a subsidiary of Google, has started offering self-service taxi services to customers in Phoenix.

Knowing that many self-driving cars have come to work on US roads from California, Florida and Pennsylvania over the past year.

More importantly, General Motors has taken a decision to launch a self-service biking service in some US cities sometime this year. 



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