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Video - the new Tesla Model Y - First appearance

- 3/18/2019 02:41:00 PM
The latest production of Tesla, a self-driving electric car and sports utility.(SUV)

Los Angeles, USA In a big ceremony, the car was unveiled and is considered one of the most important productions of the giant Tesla, and was previously announced some information about the car.

A source from the Driven said that the first official launch of sales of the new Tesla in the fall of 2020, as for prices, the company previously announced that it will be higher by up to 10% of Model 3.

The company officially set the price at $ 47,000 for the regular version.

The two-engine version may cost up to $ 51,000.

According to the information leaked during the ceremony and before, the car enjoys fantastic features both in speed and strength.
Its speed reaches 96 km in 3.5 seconds.




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