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This is what an employee did with his manager...He sold his luxury car for $ 98,000

- 3/16/2019 11:27:00 AM

A strange incident in the UAE took place between an employee and his manager, the latter, who was exploited by official papers of his company, after he signed blank papers in the belief that it was in order to clear transactions.

As mentioned, the manager was absent, so the employee took advantage of his absence and sold his car "Bentley" luxury, which exceeds the price of 420 thousand dirhams, or about 110 thousand dollars or more and then fled.
Source: Emirates Today. 

 As part of the investigation and investigation of the Dubai Public Prosecution,
"The employee came to him and wanted to sell the car for 350,000 dirhams, but the price did not appeal to the sales manager. He offered to buy it for 310,000 dirhams," said one witness, a sales manager at a Dubai motor show.

The owner of the car and the manager of the employee was very surprised by the work of the employee because he was the representative of the company, and the work done by the sale of his car was a shock.

Stressing that he was to give him the official papers of the company in blank and signed by him, in order to complete the transactions, and thus the employee exploited, so printed with the seal and sold the car easily.



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