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The only car in the world that is unmatched, manufactured for a special customer - the Ferrari P80 / C

- 3/30/2019 03:59:00 PM

The Ferrari P80 / C is the only car in the world to be made for a special customer at Ferrari, the Italian company specialized in the production of dream cars.

   The Ferrari P80 / C is the only one in the world to rely on the Ferrari GT3 488 to drive on the racetracks, but it got a distinctive exterior identity derived from sports cars in the 1960s, and the shocking information that the work on this single car started in 2015.

The Ferrari P80 / C is the only one on a red exterior. The car has a very distinctive exterior design with a pointed front and low altitude. The latest exclusive Ferrari cars produce extremely sharp lines. With a giant rear wing splashing off offensive air, and the speed car got a sliding glass design, to provide the Ferrari P80 / C with all the design as much aerodynamics as a racing car.

additional information :

This special supercar can not walk on public roads. It is a biography dedicated to driving on race tracks only.

The wheelbase on which this car is the world's only 5 cm longer than the user in the Ferrari 488 GT3.

The Italian manufacturer is keeping the world's only car price Ferrari Ferrari P80 C, made for a special customer, but according to some sites, the price is likely to exceed $ 1 million.



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