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The launch of the first taxi stations for electric cars in Norway - First time in the world

- 3/23/2019 09:28:00 AM

Finally, the world will see the launch of the first taxi station for cars and exactly in Norway, where it was announced in recent days and thus will become the unique project is the first in the world to circulate electric cars.

And sources from the site "verge" say that this station will include a lot of mechanisms for the shipment of electric cars and more will be located at the station specialists in the field of repairs and supplies necessary with maintenance, all this is contained in the framework of support for the generalization of electric cars and the first goal to preserve the environment and the globe from Resurrection.

According to Reuters, one of the world's largest countries with a large number of electric cars is Norway, according to statistics, the number is 46 thousand cars, meaning that of every 3 cars sold there is an electric car, and for the station, the project will become operational in Beginning of.2023.



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