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The first appearance of the American SSC Tuatara is sitting on a Dyno machine

- 3/30/2019 07:00:00 AM

A car made by the company SSC North America America, and for the first time, this rare supercar appears again after the production of 100 copies in the world for the first time in a test version in 2011, to be seven years later, specifically in August of 2018 Commercial production version of SCC Tuatara.

 The video does not show the real numbers of the car as a result of the test Daino subjected to the car SSC Tuatara America, and to know that this car is based on a 5.9-liter V8 with a twin turbocharger generates 1,350 horsepower (this heartbeat to 1,750 hp using E85 ) And 1,735 Newton meters of torque, the engine of this new supercar is connected with a semi-automatic 7-speed engine.

Although there are no official figures announcing the acceleration of this supercar, we know that the maximum speed of the SSC Tuatara is supposed to reach 412,28 km / h. The weight of this supercar that tested the Dyno, without counting the weight of liquids 1,247 kg.

 The SSC Tuatara has an exterior structure with the greatest aerodynamics and aerodynamics that are suitable for a super fast car.

External dimensions of this Dyno test car:

    The car is 4,430 mm long.
    The car is 1,991 mm wide.
    The car is 1,092 mm high.
    The wheelbase is 2,672 mm.

For the design of the SSC Tuatara external car shows high aerodynamics suitable for a car designed to drive at high speed, the length of the wheelbase 2,672 mm, and the length of the car 4,430 mm, a width of 1,991 mm, and height of 1,092 mm.

We hope to publish a video later to reveal the numbers that were the result of Daino test to know the amount of real power that reaches the wheels of the car by the company.



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