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Smart trick-Toyota makes a "perfume dispenser" to protect cars from theft.

- 3/18/2019 06:05:00 AM

The latest invention of Toyota, a Japanese automaker, was designed by a perfume distributor and at the same time convertible into anti-theft during the car's exposure to burglary and robbery by thieves.

With the high number of car thefts in recent days and high ratios, Toyota has been thinking of producing an anti-theft invention. The company is currently producing a new Corolla model,
Which got a patent.

The distributor's specialty is that he discovers the arrival of the thieves and tries to steal the car, and automatically releases a poisonous spray containing tear gas inside the car's interior, making the thief unable to move, according to a source from the Daily Mail British.

The patent was registered on behalf of the Japanese motor vehicle company in 2018 in August, but was published in the year 2019 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

A new system is a quantum leap in the world of cars and their devices, the anti-theft device designed to deal with cases and crimes of cars, which have spread in a large way in recent years, through a series of thefts planned and using remote technology to access them.

According to the United States Patent Office, the new feature operates under normal operation as a traditional perfume distributor. The smart phone is the main factor that connects the car to the owner so that the system in the car and phone can determine when the car owner approaches, Start his journey.  



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