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Sinking ship with 2000 cars in the Atlantic Ocean ... Porsche cars at a fantastic price 2019

- 3/19/2019 04:11:00 PM

A cargo ship with 2,000 different vehicles sank in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as it moved to Brazil.

The British newspaper The Sun has confirmed that the ship "Grande America" was hit by a fire that led to its capsizing and sinking near La Rochelle for Hamburg and then Casablanca before the last stop in Brazil.

2000 car has settled deep in the Atlantic Ocean , including high-priced cars from the Porsche "GT2 RS 911", according to the newspaper, the price of up to 220 thousand pounds.

This news became a big shock to the customers of the German company, before that and not long ago, they went through problems that worried the company.

After the German company resumed production of this model in order to compensate customers who were waiting for their new cars.

The German company did not specifically mention the number of Porsche cars that sank into 2,000 cars on board the 27-member vessel.

For the number of cars that sank in the Porsche 2000, the company did not mention anything, and for the crew of the ship, all 27 people survived. 




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