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New Mercedes AMG A45 2020 - DRIFT on the snow

- 3/29/2019 04:29:00 PM

The trial version of the upcoming AMG A45 2020 is coming soon and completely new.
The first DRIFT snowboarding by the high-performance German hatchback is posted through an official video on the Mercedes AMG channel on YouTube.

First review of two experimental versions of the Mercedes AMG A45 2020 specifically on a special snow course in Sweden...

Although the Mercedes AMG A45 2020 hides, we can see that this high-performance version of the A-Class will be distinguished from the outside with more aggressive touches, with different rear and rear bumpers, larger ventilation openings and larger tires It is hidden from its creation by a large high-performance discrete break, and from the rear, this demo version of the Drift snow show features 4 exits that release sports sounds and a large wing at the back.

Mechanically, the AMG A45 2020 may be based on a 4-liter V-4 engine with a turbo that will generate 383 hp (388 hp PS) in the original version. The A45 S engine can be up to 416 hp (421 hp PS).



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