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Known for the rare 33-year-old Lamborghini motorcycle, priced at $ 58,000

- 3/30/2019 12:20:00 PM

Everyone knows that the Italian company Lamborghini manufactures luxury cars such as Aventador and Gallardo, but you do not know it also has a number of copies of rare motorcycles.

 In 1978, Memran Brothers bought the Italian company after a major financial crisis and then thought of manufacturing a Lamborghini motorcycle, according to The Drive.

The project began with the implementation of the Lamborghini project, dubbed "Design 90" in 1986, and the project was presented to the French company "Boxer" specialized in the manufacture of motorcycles.

 The bike is designed with high specifications, weighing 180 kg and has a Kawasaki 1 liter 4 cylinder engine with 130 hp.

The bike construction was handcrafted, the frame was metal with lightweight wheels and electrical components.

In order to reduce its weight and give it a stylish look, the French company made the entire glass fiber structure

 Initially, it was agreed to manufacture 25 copies but only made 6, because of the very high cost of the bike, which led to the failure of the project.

The company introduced the bike in 1986 at a price of 13 thousand dollars, a very large number at this time, currently, there are only 5 copies of the bike and the value of each of 58,800 dollars.



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