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Fine £ 5,000 on every fuel-free car driver - Britain

- 3/27/2019 04:16:00 PM

Britain has imposed a heavy fine on motorists who drive their cars without fuel, causing them to suddenly stop on the road and endanger their lives and the lives of those who are at risk.

British authorities have decided to charge a fine of £ 100 and three points of driving license if any car suddenly stands on the road as a result of running out of fuel. If the car causes an accident, the case will be transferred to a court that will charge up to £ 5,000 or 9 Points in the driver's license, the British newspaper The Sun reported.

The authorities also stated that fines and points were not the only punishment for the occupants of the offense, but would prompt them to pay the cost of removing their vehicles by the road, because insurance companies and providers of faults do not normally cover the costs of negligence failures.



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