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Audi Q8 2019 - Dashboard tech - Review

- 3/21/2019 08:43:00 AM

 Howdy's vehicles are some of the most tech-rich in the auto industry and what do you know Here I am smack dab inside in 2019 Audi Q8 so I guess we have nothing else to do but check the tech.

we'll begin with the freshest piece of the infotainment framework which is the Audi MMI contact reaction here on the middle support you have a 10.1 inch screen up best handling your traditional infotainment duties while climate controls are relegated to the 8.6 inches or below both screens offer haptic feedback which means every time you go to make a small adjustment anywhere you get a little bit of vibrate that lets you know your touch registered which is

good because it takes just a little bit more than your average kind of lay your finger on the screen thing to actually register the press now as for the eight-point six inch atmosphere screen itself, it is entirely clear with a for the most part undaunted style that demonstrates the temperature and different settings like your warmed and cooled situates above it, there are some small vehicle functions like turning off the auto start/stop or setting the hill descent control.

now let's turn our attention back to the 10.1-inch infotainment screen up top this is a pretty bone standard infotainment system packing a few connectivity options, but on the whole, it's not much different from what you'd find anywhere else, so let's dive into a couple of the specifics

in terms of audio, you've got your pretty bone standard options to click the radio tab, and all of a sudden you get access to your FM your AM and your Sirius XM if you're more of a fan of Bluetooth streaming, you can pop over to media which will pull directly from your phone speaking of phones

clicking over to the phone tab gives you access to surprise-surprise your phone, you can make calls receive calls to look at your contacts for fun if you're really into that sort of thing I don't know you've used a phone before.

next, we have navigation if you're not a fan of having the map smack dab in front of your face via virtual cockpit, you can just click the navigation tab here and what do you know you get exactly the same thing over here 10.1 inches of Google Earth Map fantastic, you can search for addresses search for destinations find POS basically, whatever you're looking for system will probably find it.

one of my favorite things about the 2019 Q8 is that it offers wireless apple car play my phone's in my pocket right now, it's not in the wireless charging plate or associated with the USB ports, yet still, snap apple vehicle play blast quite great.

as usual, there are about fifteen trillion way

to tweak this vehicle and they are altogether situated in these settings and vehicle tabs, fast tap of the vehicle tab gives you a chance to concentrate on more driver-arranged things like your drive modes your seats your air conditioning or your lighting systems settings, on the other hand, focuses on the behind-the-scenes nitty-gritty kind of stuff like your display brightness the tone and sound coming out of the speakers in system maintenance another boring software update related junk like that.

now MMI touch response does have a couple of extra tricks up its sleeve a quick swipe of the right on the home screen and you get both news and weather.

now news takes a little bit longer to pull down from the cloud, but it gives you your headlines and you know the things you need to know while you're driving a car of course because who doesn't need to catch up on the news while they're driving a car, whether on the other hand is a little more pertinent click weather wait for about 15 seconds for the Internet to pull the information down and hey surprise what do you know overcast and cold fantastic.

lastly, we've got virtual cockpit little old had at this point, but still, pretty good it's a twelve point three inches 720p the screen that takes all of your infotainment primary concerns and brings it specifically before your face to expel diversion, you can take a gander at the guide with the Google Earth overlay in the event that you like extravagant stuff or you can just look at basic information like how many miles you got left on your tank and gas and best of all it's all done through the steering wheel keep your hands on the steering wheel navigate through tabs on the left side or expand or reduce the actual size of the gauges depending on you know what kind of flashy junk you like in front of your face.



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