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An expensive car without the engine of Bugatti - the most expensive in the world

- 3/25/2019 04:16:00 AM
Yes dear reader without a motor, as the French company said that the Bugatti "Voiture Noir" was without engine when it was shown during the Geneva International Motor Show.

The French company unveiled its world-class car, which reached $ 12.5 million and without a motor, during the attendance at the International Exhibition which was held between March 7 and 14.

Bugatti said the version at the Geneva show was just a test drive without an engine, according to MotorOne.

She also said the car is not fully ready, it takes up to 5 years to complete the full version of the model, and then manufacture and then start the process of placement in the market.

Voiture Noir was specifically designed to renew the memory of the 57cc Atlantic, which was considered one of the best cars designed by Jean Bugatti, the son of French company founder Bugatti.

The company confirmed that Voiture Noir will have an 8-cylinder engine with a capacity of 16 liters, up to 1479 horsepower, torque up to 1600 rpm.



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