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£ 5,000 - Britain fines anyone driving in ponds

- 3/18/2019 01:46:00 PM

A new decision by Britain to impose a traffic fine on every driver deliberately driving in a water pond quickly, which causes the spread of water on the pavement of passersby or people, where the classification of this act in Britain as a kind of abuse of others and disrespect under Article III of the Road Traffic Law For the year 1988.

 £ 100 The estimated minimum and fixed punishment for a passerby on the road is water due to driving in the ponds. If the driver wants to file a complaint and turn it into a court case, the amount will be increased to thousands, The Sun reported.

"The fine is appropriate for this kind of lack of respect for others and the inconvenience they are doing. The purpose of this fine is to send a very clear message that driving your cars too fast and aggressive is absolutely unacceptable. Every driver should show respect and care for a user. the path ".

The UK traffic law imposes fines on all unacceptable road actions, such as using lights to make the road mandatory, driving slowly, or using the brakes for no reason, using too many powerful front lights to affect drivers. In the opposite way.



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